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Saturday, January 2nd, 2016 04:50 pm
Am back from spending New Year at my brother's place. Yippee!

Though, remind me never to watch Jools Holland's "Hootenany" ever again. Complete and utter tripe from start to finish. What waste of time and effort - and not even live, or so I understand from my brother. Apparently it's filmed in September.

On the other hand, my train journeys went well and the taxis were on time.

My brother and his girlfriend were very nice (they are just nice people), my nephews are very tall - six foot now - and my brother's dog is sweet and not at all smelly.

We ate very well. Vegan mince pies are actually quite tasty.

[personal profile] aunty_marion looked after Smokey and fed her and gave her fuzzles as and when required, so that was good of her. Smokey looks well and is a happy cat.

I lost my iPod and it remains AWOL somewhere in the tip that is my flat, plus I left my reading glasses behind, meaning I was reading my iPad by holding it up near my nose, to everyone's amusement.

That's it, really. On my return, the flat is still a tip and I have yet to find out when the builders will be back. Possibly Monday. Possibly the 6th. We'll see.
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Monday, October 26th, 2015 03:14 pm
I’m arranging to go to my Auntie Queenie’s funeral on the 9th of November – what a palaver it all is.

The village she lived in, Thorne (South Yorkshire), has two stations, and it has taken me three days to get my waffly Auntie Peggy to tell me which one is most convenient for them to collect me from and for the church. My brother, who is not nearly as waffly, would have given me a lift at least from Doncaster, but he can’t go as he can’t get the leave from his employer.

That leaves me practically on my own, as the only people I’ll know at this jamboree are my Auntie Peggy, her husband Geoff, and their daughter Margaret. I’ve never met Auntie Queenie’s daughter, my cousin Diane (or not that I remember – I may have been to her wedding when I was a little girl) and only met her brother, my cousin John, once and that a long time ago, again when I was a child. Should be a laugh a minute.

Thinking about it, it will be a laugh in one way or another. Any given family event involving my family, something goes horribly wrong in a weird way, and the only way we can find to cope is to laugh at it because the alternative is to scream and throw things or have a massive row.

The only members of the family alive from my father’s generation are the aforementioned Peggy, Geoff and Uncle Sonnie’s widow, Pat. I don’t know if Pat will be there as I don’t know how well she got on with Queenie, or what her health is like. Auntie Pat must be in her 90s as well. I mean, some of my cousins are pensioners already. Of all the cousins, I’m the second youngest at 53 and my brother is the youngest at 51. It’s a sobering thought.

Still, tickets are booked and will be in the post to me tomorrow. I’ve elected to travel first class there and back as it was only a few quid more and I don’t want to be uncomfortable as well as miserable.

I shall have to look out a black handbag as I don’t feel my normal bright red handbag is suitable for a funeral, and I shall have to decide which of my coats is the best option. I have four coats: light grey, dark grey, bright green and navy blue but with checks. I’m leaning towards the dark grey.

What do people think? Suitable coat to wear to the funeral of an aunt you like but were not particularly close to?
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Friday, November 1st, 2013 10:06 am
My father died in 1997. Today would have been his 91st birthday.

He wasn't a great drinker so I raise a cup of coffee in his memory.
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Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 10:27 am
I've asked my colleagues and they've gone 'hmmmmm', so I turn to you as the founts of all knowledge and wisdom.

The reason behind this question is that I'm confused; my aunts and uncles never gave me presents so the question never arose with me. (This was due to a family contretemps involving my parents which I won't go into here but was labyrinthine.)

But it occurred to me that my nephews are 18 this year and should be each their own man soon. So do I carry on giving them presents at Christmas and birthdays or don't I? I don't know what the rules are here, or even if there are any. I have no intention, btw, of stopping without mentioning it to their parents.

Poll #12772 Presents for nephews
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Access List, participants: 14

How old should my nephews be before I stop giving them birthday and Christmas presents?

1 (7.1%)

0 (0.0%)

working in paid employment
4 (28.6%)

something else I will explain in comments
7 (50.0%)

never stop giving them birthday and Christmas presents
2 (14.3%)

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Monday, December 31st, 2012 10:05 am
My brother's hobby (one of them) is geo-cacheing. If I've spelled it right.

That's where he (and his girlfriend) have a programme on his mobile which lets him search for little hidden boxes (geo caches) and, once they've found them they sign a book (or something) to say they have and update a website. It's a good fun way to give them plenty of exercise and encourages them both to be out in the countryside.

Recently he came across this, which is (he's told) directions to a cache somewhere or other probably near where they live. Or maybe not.

Can anyone translate it?

Elvish directions
In other news

I finished the socks I was knitting and am looking for another project. I shall inspect my stash of wools this afternoon.
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Friday, March 30th, 2012 10:49 pm
See this picture?

Rob or Val's wedding. Rob's I think.

The lady in the pink suit is my Aunt Ursula, my mother's sister. The woman behind her in blue is my mother, the Aged P, but before she was aged. The miscreant in the Afghan coat is me. I don't know who the others are. I must be about 15 in this picture, because that's when I owned that coat.

Now, I have a persistent memory that I was a fat child, fat teenager and have always been fat. This turns out, very strangely to me, not to have been the case.

I mean, I'm not skinny by any manner of means, but I'm not fat.

The Aged P. hated that coat with a firey hatred. She made me keep it in a separate cupboard from the rest of the family coats because it smelled really strongly of dead goat.

Note: the picture is back to front. The slides I'm working from aren't marked.
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Friday, March 30th, 2012 05:36 pm
The link to my late father's photos is here: http://s88.photobucket.com/albums/k169/lexin0/Dads%20photos/

There are about 25 or so, and I think the wild array of colours is as a result of the way that time has affected the dyes on the original slides. A lot of people who bought the slide scanner, according to their comments on Amazon, had trouble with the slides turning out blue. I have a bit of that with some of them, but not on all.

Now, my late father simply bought the best film he could afford, and had it done by the best place he could afford - but that varied because he was a badly paid teacher. So the slides come from all over the place. Plus, they're from a wide span of time - some are very old, some comparatively new, where "comparatively" has the extra meaning of "at least 30 years old."

Anyway. Lots of pictures of Scotland, plus some of people.

ETA: I added some more. Quality is very variable.
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Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 10:31 am
I was walking to work the other morning when this bloke walked past me. He was on his mobile and just as he drew level with me he said, "But what about the woman in the cupboard?"


And the real tragedy is that I'll never now find out what about the woman in the cupboard.

Damned with faint praise

My brother took his kids on holiday to Cornwall. Camping. That was obviously his first mistake. He was round at my mother's with his sons, telling my mother about their holiday when one of his sons said, "It was fun some of the time, Dad."