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Friday, December 18th, 2015 09:14 am
Life is somewhat uncomfortable Chez Lexin just at the moment. I knew when I scheduled building works that it would be, but really hadn’t realised – I don’t think anyone ever does – just how disruptive it would be. And this is the ‘easy’ part, the work on the bedroom. Tranche 2, the work on the living room, is going to be hell on wheels, I already know it.

Everything I own that was in the bedroom is currently in boxes, and they are all over the rest of the flat. My bed has been disassembled and is leaning in bits against my living room wall, the pictures that were in the bedroom are leaning against the table that was there, and are slightly in front of the TV – not greatly, but enough to annoy me.

Even with all this, the builder asked me if we could clear out the hall cupboard. I said well, we could, but where would we put it all? He didn’t have an answer to that, so the work on the hall cupboard hasn’t started.

On the other hand, we have progress. In the two days since they started, they’ve scraped the wallpaper off the bedroom walls and ceiling (yes, for some reason the ceiling in that room was papered. Go figure) and taken the old wardrobes down.

I just don’t know if we’re moving quickly enough to get all of tranche 1 done by December 24th, which is the date set in the contract for the conclusion of this section of the work. I hope so, it’ll be a bit of a grumpy-making Christmas if I have to have my Christmas dinner with my belongings in boxes. I have only three outfits accessible to me, and two of those have to be washed today.

I did wash the bedroom curtains yesterday, and it was astonishing (or perhaps not given how long they’d been up there) how much dirt came out of them.

My poor cleaner is coming today – it’s going to be heart breaking for her to see the state the flat is in given how much work she puts in to keep it tidy and clean. But she’s only really coming, and I have told her this, to collect her pay and her Christmas present. If she can empty the bins and unpack the dishwasher, that’ll be nice but not required.

Smokey is doing well given that cats don’t like changes, but if the work gets noisy today she may be going to [livejournal.com profile] gloria1’s today until the 24th. We’ll see how she gets on, because having her here is a comfort to me, but I’m not about to let her get too stressed.

In other news

The builders were a day late starting (!) and in that day, I toiled my dress. The only problem I can see is that the sleeves are a bit narrow for my taste. Georgian dresses do have tight sleeves, but I like to be able to move.