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July 26th, 2015

lexin: (Default)
Sunday, July 26th, 2015 09:43 pm

I've put some stuff on ebay (a handbag, some clothes that never really fit me so why I've held on to them is anyone's guess) but I do not like their new interface. I'm sure they think it's simpler, but I didn't agree. I'm "lexin1" and they're here.

The one thing I did like was the fact that you can edit the photos once they're uploaded. The remaining puzzle is why people don't at least rotate them so they're the right way up before pressing 'sell'.

Ho hum.
lexin: (eye)
Sunday, July 26th, 2015 11:11 pm
I've bought some software that I really don't know what I'm doing with. It's called "Campaign Cartographer" and it's for designing maps to use in role-playing games.

I've never used CAD (computer aided design) software before and while this is probably fairly simplified CAD, I'm largely at a complete loss. It's far more complicated software than I've ever used before. I've just spent half an hour trying to make a statue align to the back wall of a temple. I cannot make it turn to face straight on and may have to leave it where it is. I'm quite insanely proud that I managed to make the horses I chose for statues face the right way. (There are stock figures for these things, I didn't have to draw them myself. That would be well beyond me.)

I designed a lovely pirate island, too. Very pretty. Volcanoes, mountains and everything. There's a website somewhere of a guy who uses software like this for a living and his designs are absolutely lovely, and must take him many hours. Mine are kind of weird and take a few minutes.

For some reason, too, I seem to fire it up at 9pm, and am squinting at it through tired eyes. That cannot help.

Tomorrow, maybe I'll tackle it when awake.