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2017-05-11 04:35 pm
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Still applying for jobs. Still not getting any. I get the odd interview, but so far none have been successful. I’ve got one interview outstanding since March – they interviewed me in March and I still don’t have the outcome. But then one of my FB friends applied for a Civil Service job last June and started a week ago, so I’m not quite losing hope on that one.

In other news, there is no real other news.

Smokey is very well, full of beans and cat food. She’s currently asleep on the sofa – we had a lovely cuddle this morning, but then I had to get up from my recumbent position and start doing some work on the computer. So she stretched out into my spot, perhaps thinking it would stay warm.

Oh, I know what I’m doing – I bought the AD&D 5e (Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition for those who aren’t geeks) and have been writing a basic scenario so we can see how it runs. In this I’ve been assisted by my friend Patrick who is such a geek he even out-geeks me, and he calculated everything on his character sheet out by hand to ensure that I wasn’t cheating him out of any advantages his character should have.

What between him and me, we managed to spot a bug in the computer program I’m using to roll up characters, which made us both very happy. We’re strange like that.
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2017-02-28 02:27 pm
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Redemption redux

I’m safely back from [livejournal.com profile] redemption_con; the journeys were totally straightforward and the trains were on time there and back.

I enjoyed the convention. Numbers seemed down (if you like a fan-run convention do go along to Redemption in 2019, it runs better with more people) and the convention over-organised for the numbers (at times there were nine streams of events), but that didn’t bother me. I just went along to what appealed to me and dodged anything that didn’t.

I spent a lot of time with [personal profile] legionseagle and [personal profile] julesjones over the weekend, and with various other people whose LJ and DW names I have forgotten. Much gossip was gossed.

Guests were Dr Lynette Nusbacher, Steve Lycett , Miranda Gower-Qian, Thalia Evans and David Wake. Probably you’ve never heard of any of them, I had only heard of Dr Lynette who is one of the presenters of the wargame TV show “Time Commanders”. She was lovely, though I didn’t go to any of her talks she was very nice and approachable when out and about and she always wears lovely clothes, which she told me mostly come from TK Maxx.

The only complaint I heard about the food offerings in the restaurant was from the two people I know who can’t cope with spices. All the cheap restaurant meals (Chinese, Indian and Mexican) were not suitable for them. But they had the option of pizzas in the bar, though one person did mention that it was a bit same-y to have a plain pizza two nights running. I liked the desserts on the cheap restaurant meals, the fudge cake was yummy, and they were quite happy to supply cream if asked.

One night I had the New York hot dog pizza and that was very nice, though I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so physically hot for some reason, and hot cheese is a really hot thing when you bite into it.

The carvery baps were very good, decent portions, as were the sandwich bar options.

Breakfasts were adequate mass catering, though I liked the fact that they were frying eggs practically on demand.

Other things: yes, some of the panels were under attended, but I put that down to the convention being somewhat under attended overall and the sometimes nine streams meaning that people were spread a bit thin. The panels I attended went off well, even if there weren’t that many there. I thought six streams would be fine for the number we had attending, with room to expand it if more sign up.

I forgot about slash Pictionary. I’d have been there if I’d remembered.

One thing I would like to see for Redemption 19 is a slash/adult stream as there’s no general slash con (that I know of) being run in the UK currently.
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2017-01-25 02:53 pm
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I am so bored with applying for jobs, I’m afraid my boredom shows in the applications. It’s very hard to remain ‘up’ and ‘bubbly’ for weeks on end. And what’s with this desire that applicants should be ‘bubbly’ anyway? I suspect it’s a dog whistle for ‘female’ as it tends to crop up in administrator posts, or receptionist posts.

In other news, there is very little other news.

We played Call of Cthulhu last weekend, and had a good time. Our little party of three danced around the edge of confronting the gribblies (generic name for creatures from another world) refusing to go into the ancient stables, the deserted chapel or the sinister house.

My character (a doctor) and my friend Jo's (a dilettante) both saw visions when we looked between two standing stones with suspicious scratches on them. Visions like that never presage anything good.

Finally, we had climbed over the wall of the sinister house and through the creepy woods so often that our luck gave out and Jo's character stepped on a bear trap and it closed on her leg. Ooops! My character did what he could, but we had to get her to hospital and explain the injury as best we could.

I think the gribblies may be winning.
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2016-08-02 06:13 am
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It’s 5am and I have given up any pretence of sleeping. I have no idea why I have insomnia tonight. As has the cat, who is meowing round me as if I might have a clue what she wants. It’s probably food, but Smokey is not a cat who fusses for her food usually. I have put food out, but she’s not eating it. Maybe she’s just worried about me.

It doesn’t help that I have in some way banjaxed my back and hip. They are ouchy. And I’ve had a couple of goes of cramp in my right calf, leaving that sore. I found some painkillers in the back of a cupboard and they’re about cutting in now.

In other news I’m playing a couple of computer games. Skyrim retains its interest, not least because you don’t have to rush around beating creatures up to get anywhere. Building your own house can take up hours of innocent fun. Not so Shadow of Mordor. Oh, what a dull game that is if you’re not very quick with your button recognition. I frequently mix up square and circle, and thus end up dead more often than alive. Plus, the baddies level up if you don’t kill them quickly and I’ve ended up with a couple of bosses at 20th level that appear whenever I do and I can’t kill them because they’ve about 25 supporters who appear likewise. Largest number of orcs I can do away with is about six. More than that and I’m outnumbered. So it gets a bit boring.

My brother bought me Arcania for my birthday, and that’s a bit more interesting. Doesn’t require me to learn any button combinations to hit things, and that’s always good. Not as pretty as Shadow of Mordor though, or rather, not as well drawn because I wouldn’t call Mordor pretty but they’ve really put a lot of work into how it looks.

There’s another game a friend bought me for my birthday, a game set in modern times, but I’ve put it somewhere and don’t remember where it is or what it was called. Maybe it’s in a box I still haven’t unpacked from the decorating.
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2015-12-12 10:30 am
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I’ve been a bit quiet, what with one thing and another.

Smokey has been quiet the last few days. She seems to have picked up now, but I don’t think she was too impressed by the Christmas tree I put up. The flashing lights bothered her and she seems happier now I’ve put the lights to ‘always on’. I also changed the dangly thing on her thing on a string on a stick because she’d destroyed the old one, and she doesn’t like the new one, so I’m going to have to buy a replacement, perhaps with feathers. She likes feathers.

I don’t like it when she doesn’t run about after the dangly thing. I think she needs exercise and not just to lie about the place like a little furry cushion.

It could also be the weather, which isn’t all that cold but has been quite grey and depressing. As I type this, she’s sitting on her cat tree looking out of the window at the gardens, I think hoping for signs of birdies or other cats.


No news on the sewing front. I’m waiting for beads to be delivered. I could be getting on with doing a toile, but haven’t.


The reason for the above is that I bought at PS4. It took a while for Amazon to send the games I’d ordered (of which more below) but now they have I’m spending time playing LotR: Shadow over Mordor. details of interest mostly to other gamers )


Amazon pissed me off somewhat mightily over delivering my latest batch of stuff, most of which was for Christmas or for my dress. They managed to fail to deliver nearly all of an order (how? I’ve been a customer since 1999 and only one other thing has ever gone astray) and when I contacted them to get it re-delivered, they re-did the order, this time cocking up by sending me a second PS4. Getting that collected was far more difficult than it should have been.

In other news

I’ve been setting up having my flat decorated next month. So far, I’ve two really interested firms, but no actual written quotes for the work.

I did have a third firm come round and look at the job, but he didn’t strike me as really interested – the other two were full of ideas about how it could be done, but the third just noodled about, took my bit of paper explaining what I wanted doing and disappeared. I’ve heard nothing from him since, so I don’t know what’s going on there.

Running as favourite to get the work so far is the Italian girl (and her friend who didn’t speak English) who took photos when they first came to scope the job, then came round with samples a couple of days ago and are taking the whole thing very seriously. Second is the firm run by a Greek bloke called Demis, but I haven’t seen any samples of the stuff he wants to use so he is definitely as second choice.

We shall see.

While the work is done Smokey will become a lodger at [livejournal.com profile] gloria1’s, and [livejournal.com profile] gloria1 has kindly agreed to take her in and treat her as her own.

This is because the work will include floors in the hall, kitchen and bathroom, decorating my bedroom and decorating the living room, which takes up most of the flat. I can’t keep her shut up in the spare room for several weeks, so have to find somewhere she can stay in peace and quiet. I will miss my baby girl, though!
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2015-10-28 04:12 pm

(no subject)

Having spent a very enjoyable day yesterday with my friend David​, where we went to the Celts exhibition at the British Museum, I'm spending today on preparing a Call of Cthulhu game for my friends for the 7th November.

I'm using Realm Works​ software to prepare a series of shocks and horrors for them. They'll love it. Of course they will. Murder and Death Incorporated are always good for a laugh. Ghouls are good; of course they are.

In other (rather unlikely) news, I actually spent some money on make-up. I discovered just before attending the British Fantasy Convention that 24 hour lipstick actually lasts five days if you test it on your hand. That makes it worthwhile buying in my view.

I never liked old fashioned lipstick which tasted peculiar and lasted about a nano second on your lips. Modern 24 hour lipstick (this stuff is from Maybelline) actually lasts the time it says it does on the pack, if not slightly longer, and doesn't taste of anything. Score!
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2015-10-06 12:22 pm

Short update

I've been a but quiet lately, largely because nothing much happened. But when I think about it, things did happen.

I ran a game of Call of Cthulhu not this last Saturday just gone, but the previous one. The characters rather bollocksed it up and allowed the King in Yellow (Hastur) to arrive on Earth. I mean, ouch! That means that the rest of the games from now on in have to be run with this Great Old One slowly taking over the planet. Thanks guys. It's a bit like Sauron running all of Middle Earth.

I also had my first Creative Writing class at the City Lit last Thursday. That went quite well, and I enjoyed it, so I'm looking forward to Thursday when I have the next class. The other students all seem OK, though there's one who looks as if she's going to be hard work for the teacher and for the rest of us. We'll see.

Smokey is a good cat, though a bit clingy. Not quite sure what's going on with that. She's absolutely mad on her 'thing on a string on a stick' and if I ignore her for too long, she'll find it and drag it towards me, so there's no misunderstanding about what she wants of me. Sweet kitty! She always looks so determined with this thing in her mouth, every hair indicative of desperation.
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2015-08-26 01:58 pm
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Am home from Wales, having had a generally splendid time. I ran Call of Cthulhu and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons to some success. On the other hand, the players did not completely resolve either situation, and we will start next year’s games exactly where we left off this years, which will be interesting as I don’t think I’ve ever had to do that before.

Smokey was very pleased to see me back and has not been more than a foot from me since I arrived home. So I think we can say that she missed me.

No huge news, the post that was waiting for me when I got through the door was all boring stuff.
And it’s not long before I’m off again – I visit my old friend Melanie at her home in Sunderland in September. So the Smokey-cat won’t like that much.
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2015-08-04 11:28 pm
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Lexin's first map

I bought some map designing software because I've always wanted it since I saw it advertised a few years ago when I was poor. I couldn't buy it then, and it disappeared of the site of the company that was selling it.

The other day, I found it again and couldn't resist it. Since then, I've been playing with it - the learning curve is practically vertical with it, I've never used computer aided design before, and it's complicated.

Today I produced a map of a village. It's a rough old village, but here it is:

 photo village experiment 2_zpsq3sibnol.jpg
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2015-07-28 12:49 pm


I used my iPad as phone, today. My first use of Skype. What a weird thing that is.

Anybody wishing to Skype me will need to know my real name (and there are many people with my name, including three also living in London) and also let me know so that I can have the iPad or the laptop on. My desktop, which is my workhorse computer has no microphone or camera, and is staying that way. I have enough trouble with the bloke who contacts me through FB chat if he happens to catch me - I keep it mostly switched off to discourage him.

On the plus side, though, I have managed to finally find an app which allows one to use an iPad as an extended screen. The odd thing about it is that it's wired, not wireless. Good thing is that there's no lag, but it is strange. I've invested in a six foot fire cable for the iPad for my trip to Wales.

Knowing my luck, they (that is Lone Wolf Development) will announce their browser version at Gen Con, and I'll have bought it all for nothing. We will see.
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2015-07-26 11:11 pm

Sometimes, I'm nuts

I've bought some software that I really don't know what I'm doing with. It's called "Campaign Cartographer" and it's for designing maps to use in role-playing games.

I've never used CAD (computer aided design) software before and while this is probably fairly simplified CAD, I'm largely at a complete loss. It's far more complicated software than I've ever used before. I've just spent half an hour trying to make a statue align to the back wall of a temple. I cannot make it turn to face straight on and may have to leave it where it is. I'm quite insanely proud that I managed to make the horses I chose for statues face the right way. (There are stock figures for these things, I didn't have to draw them myself. That would be well beyond me.)

I designed a lovely pirate island, too. Very pretty. Volcanoes, mountains and everything. There's a website somewhere of a guy who uses software like this for a living and his designs are absolutely lovely, and must take him many hours. Mine are kind of weird and take a few minutes.

For some reason, too, I seem to fire it up at 9pm, and am squinting at it through tired eyes. That cannot help.

Tomorrow, maybe I'll tackle it when awake.
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2015-07-05 03:04 pm

Meanwhile… having said I wouldn't do something, I then do it

What I’ve done is to fall madly in love with a purple laptop. I don’t need a second computer, I already have an iPad after all, but it is so beautiful.

So, I ordered it.

No thanks to my bank, who managed to block both my cards in the process and I had to unblock them.

It should be here Tuesday, after 5pm. Fingers crossed and Currys permitting.

It’s more logical than is sounds (yes it is, stop giggling at the back) even if it is the most expensive solution to the problem that I outlined the other day that [personal profile] doire has been helping me with, that was ever thought of in the history of history itself.

It even beats the time my sewing machine went belly-up in the middle of making a frock for someone, meaning that she and I headed out to Bluewater (posh shopping mall) and bought a new machine from John Lewis to finish it. I would have gone somewhere local, but it was a Sunday. It would be. Just call me three sewing machines Lexin – I bought an overlocker not long after that. Now I’m to be two computers Lexin, too.

What I mean about it being more logical than it sounds, is that the iPad extender apps that I was whinging about should work from the laptop as that won’t (presumably) have dual graphics switching and will be intended to operate external screens in a way the desktop is not. Windows 8.1 on laptops has something called Wi-Di, which my TV has natively. Desktops don’t seem to have it, or if they do it’s not accessible.

Worst case scenario is that I buy the Player version of the Realm Works program and put that on the laptop separately under an assumed name and let the players use that.

Like I said, most expensive solution to the problem ever, ever.

But it does give me a laptop to take to HeroMeet in Wales in August to extend my capabilities.

The background…

What I have is a thing called Realm Works which is a program for writing up role playing games and sharing (or not sharing, as the case may be) information with the players.

There is a Game Master screen (which only I should see) and a Player Screen (which is what I want visible on the other monitor/iPad/whatever). You can run Realm Works on as many computers as you like if you have a licence. What you can’t do is open your ‘realm’ simultaneously on two computers or you’ll corrupt the database.

Looking at the screen options from inside Realm Works, it clearly expects that there should be two screens attached to the computer for this sharing to work optimally. Alternatively there is a ‘players’ version of the software for players to use on their own equipment, for a fairly nominal cost – it’s $5.99 or about £4.00 and I could load that on the laptop.

Meanwhile, if none of that works, I’ve checked the back of my computer and there are currently two HDMI slots unused, one which looks to be on the motherboard and one on the graphics card, so I’ve ordered a 7m HDMI cable just in case, and will try that option before investing in Miracast solutions.

I do think that I have ‘dual graphics switching’ on the desktop, and this may be why the iPad solutions don’t work properly there. They are great for cloning your screen, and I can see uses for that like operating my desktop computer from the comfort of my sofa (laziness FTW) but won’t extend.

Plus, Win 8.1, which is what I use, doesn’t identify anything as a second screen, it's all a mare's nest. I think that what “Display Settings” under “Control Panel” is seeing as a second screen is actually not – I think it’s the fact that there must be native graphics controllers on the motherboard and actually the graphics card has taken over operation but the motherboard graphics are still there, hidden - there isn’t really a second monitor there, even if Display Settings thinks there is. Plus, that is an indication that I do have this ‘dual graphics switching’ thing that is such a problem.
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2015-07-04 01:53 pm

Bloody computers. Er...help? Anyone? Bueller?

What I want to do should be fairly simple, or at least there should be a means to do it which isn’t a complete hassle to set up. Computers, however…


What I want is to set up a second monitor using either my TV or my iPad so that it shows something different to what is on my computer screen, an alternative view, if you will. Additionally, I’d like this to ideally be a wireless solution.

One, not ideal, option is to buy an HDMI cable (and possibly a splitter as I can’t remember where my monitor is plugged in, whether it’s an HDMI cable or a standard monitor connection) and run it from the TV to the computer. This will mean (a) rolling around on the floor to get under my desk, which is never good for me as I struggle to get up again and (b) a long wire across my living room floor as my TV and my computer are on different sides of the room. It is possible to buy a 5m HDMI cable, but only from Amazon that I can find.

Note here for those in the UK looking for an HDMI cable – do not buy one from Argos. They are three times the price of those on Amazon and you cannot get long ones. I was shocked as Argos are meant to be cheap.

The TV screen option is possible – apparently – if I spend £140+ on an item of hardware and some kind of software called Miracast. The problem with that is that I can’t even be sure it will work as I want it to without shelling out on what is a considered purchase for someone in my position. Advice, please? Would this be worth it? Has anyone any experience of this?

The iPad option is more attractive, and there are (I think) six apps which purport to be able to do this. Three won’t work on my system because they are only for Macs. Scratch them.

One, (Airdisplay), probably won’t work on my system because the information says it won’t work on systems which have “dual graphics switching”. I cannot be sure that mine is one of these, but my feeling from the description on the app’s advert of what to look for is that it is. (Anyone who can confirm, please contact me by email, a PM, or as a reply here and I’ll post a screencap of what my device drivers look like.)

That leaves three possible options for apps that might work. They are iDisplay, Splashtop, and Twomon.

I’ve tried iDisplay and that didn’t work for me. The system interfered with my mouse for one thing – I just couldn’t operate my computer with it loaded up because the mouse disappeared. Plus, it only showed a copy of my desktop on the iPad, which wasn’t what I wanted. On the other hand, the iPad did show up in the program I want to use as a second display, which is useful at least. I couldn’t check what Win 8.1 or the device drivers were seeing because of the mouse problem. Put that on the back burner, perhaps try it again, but mental note to ask Apple for a refund.

I do wonder if it's the 'dual graphics switching' thing that prevents iDisplay from working properly. If so, I should warn the sellers.

I then tried Splashtop. No system interference with the mouse. Hurrah! However, this only shows a copy of my desktop on the iPad, and nothing I’ve done so far has changed that.

From the support web page of the designers, this was a known problem in 2011 and even up to 2013, but there’s nothing on the support pages since then about it. I’ve tried the solutions set out in the support pages, but nothing has worked so far. And now it doesn’t load on startup since I updated my NVDIA device drivers, so I’ve no idea what’s happening there. I might have to reinstall it, but I’m putting off the evil day by writing this. On the other hand, do I want it to load on startup? I won't need it all that often.

I haven’t yet tried Twomon yet, because it’s £5 more than either of the other two (it comes as a bundle with a similar app that requires a USB cable (I mean wtf? What use is that? I suppose it would cut out lag, but distance would be an issue) and I thought I’d wait to see what happened with the other two first.

The other interesting thing is that I’ve just discovered on the Micro$oft website that some kinds of multiple monitor arrangements (presumably not all, as that would be weird) are only available on mobile PCs, which mine is not. Mine is a desktop, a mini-tower. I like desktops, I’m odd like that. So sue me.

I really don’t want to have to buy a laptop for gaming purposes. At least, not right now.
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2015-07-01 09:36 am

In other news - playing with RPG software

Yesterday I was caught by new software.

You will recall that I play RPGs? Well, yes, it’s no secret. I was reading File 770 for an update on the Hugos situation when Mike Glyer posted the nominations for the nominees for the ENnies, the Gen Con EN World RPG Awards.

I didn’t even know there were awards for excellence in RPGs – though logically I suppose there must be. So being a gamer I had a look through the websites he linked to and I was drawn to three things.

The first thing which I got curious about is the D20 system for running tabletop games online. This looks as if it could be very good for any time when my group can’t get together for some reason but need to play on. We’ll be playing in our retirement homes yet! I was invited by a gaming friend to take a closer look, which I am. One thing I did notice that while the system itself is free (though the paid-for options look tasty) artwork can have varying costs. All of them look quite small per set of items, but I’d think they can mount up fast if you’re not careful.

The second and third were two software options from WolfLair called Realm Works and Hero Lab.

Realm Works is a very powerful bit of software that allows a GM to create and keep track of their game world. It also appears to allow the GM to send the information to a nearby screen (such as a TV). I haven’t explored that bit yet to see if it works as described but the possibilities attract me. It has a sister bit of software which is a player’s version, allowing the players in a game world to see what the GM lets them see – handouts, background information, lots of things. I’d prefer to see that on an iPad rather than a computer, I would think that even a laptop would get in the way of the players’ faces but maybe the screen version obviates that.

Hero Lab allows GMs to roll up characters on the fly and in advance of a game, and insert them into the Realm Works engine, as well as print them out for use by players. It works with several game systems including Pathfinder, various flavours of AD&D, Call of Cthulhu and a couple of other things I hadn’t heard of. You have to pay for each system separately due to licencing issues, but none of them are expensive. On the other hand, if your chosen system is Pathfinder you could be in for an expensive time – there is a positive plethora of Pathfinder stuff, masses of it, but each bit is separately priced. None are expensive, but it could mount up fast if you use their sources.

On the other hand, the ones I wanted were $20 each – Call of Cthulhu, AD&D 3e (nearest I could get to 2e, which is what we play) and the ‘authoring’ section which should allow me to adapt what’s available to close to 2e.

Learning this software is…interesting. The learning curve on Realm Works is challenging, even with video support – but then it was late at night and I was tired.

On the other hand, I love software like this and couldn’t leave it alone. I finally went to bed at 03:30 having played with it for hours and hours. I love filling in the little boxes on Hero Lab and seeing the other numbers move around. It’s so cute. I also love filling in information on Realm Works and watching the software link it all up. It’s amazing.

So, yes, I recommend these if you’re a GM or a gamer in general.
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2015-05-09 12:54 pm
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Call of Cthulhu anyone?

I'm currently running a Call of Cthulhu campaign with a couple of friends. A third person used to play, but he recently moved to Newcastle, leaving us with a hole.

Does anyone fancy coming round to play CofC now and again? We meet approximately once every six weeks, almost always on a Saturday, at my place in East London (5 mins from a Central Line tube station).

My two other players come from Nottingham and Chippenham respectively, so they seriously travel some distance to play.

Our next date is 30 May.

Send me a message or comment.
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2014-08-14 09:33 am
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(no subject)

Everyone who's going to WorldCon enjoy yourselves and tell us all about it.

I'm going to a different event, as previously advertised and I will have a fine time, but I will miss you all.
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2013-09-19 12:20 pm
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More cat news. Because I know you're on the edge of your seats

Much better night for me; Smokey didn't put a paw inside my bedroom during the whole night (that I noticed) meaning at least I got some sleep. I'm still a bit tired from Tuesday.

I heard her at about 3:30am crunching her dry cat food, so she is eating something. This is a great comfort; I shall have to trust her that she's eating enough.

Also at some stage during the night she'd had a play – her ping-pong balls weren't where I'd left them on the floor. This is something else; she's slow to play with me – she'll run after a ping-pong ball once, but after that she's not interested. The only thing she's betrayed much interest in patting is my lanyard I use for my work passes. She's not at all interested in my mouse-on-a-string, for example.

I got up early, got dressed and sorted out the litter tray (she'd used it once in the 24 hours) then gave her half an hour's cuddles before I came to work. She tried to persuade me that she deserved a cat treat, but I was having none of it. I'm saving treats for when I get home.

As I arrived early I should be home by five, and we'll see how much of the flat is left!

I think she's doing quite well settling in given that today is only her second full 24 hours in my house.

Irritation one

I have visitors on Saturday that I can't put off, and I'll have to put her in my bedroom with a litter tray, toys, food and drink while my guests are there. They're all men – gamers, it's an AD&D Saturday – and I don't want to scare her with loud voices and big feet. Is that the right thing? I can't think of what else to do.

Irritation two

When I collected her I was told she'd need some treatment for her teeth – she's got some tartar that needs taking off. The RSPCA will be in touch as they'll be doing it and she'll need a night back there.

I said that would be OK – thinking nothing of it – but she's so clingy that I'm concerned that it'll really upset her.

She's getting less clingy as time passes, but what sort of length of time should I allow to pass before getting the treatment done? Better done sooner or later? What do people think?
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2013-09-16 10:04 pm

Too much gaming...

Sometimes I think I play too much Call of Cthulhu…

A line from the Miss Marple I’m watching, “Tell me, what is the great race?”

I think in reply, “A secret race of Elder Gods from beyond the stars…”

And then I realise how unlikely that is to be the answer in an episode of Miss Marple!
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2012-10-30 04:32 pm
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I've been a bit worried about my friends over there on the east coast of the US, but I can't see anyone who hasn't checked in. Or maybe I've not seen them and not drawn a conclusion. Erk.

In other news

I had a very pleasant weekend and played AD&D with my gaming friends, in which we moved a very small step forward in our Saxon campaign. I do keep losing track of who's who with that - it's very difficult to keep in mind who's who when people are called Aethelbert and Ulfric. It's almost as a bad as ancient Egyptians where everyone's name ends in 'hotep'.

I then met [livejournal.com profile] gloria1 for breakfast on Sunday, which was as much fun as always.
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2012-08-23 03:59 pm

Back and pictures

Well, I’m back from Wales, unharmed and unmelted from the rain. I actually only got rained on twice, and as the college had helpfully put us next to the coffee bar where we play our games, not for long on either occasion. So that was good.

I had a wonderful time on Friday and Saturday, and a slightly boring one on Sunday.

Friday we played TSR Battle System, a very strange system which involves moving bits of card about and rolling dice. The bits of card do represent something, but it’s hard to explain. For once, I was on the winning side as the ‘good’ side, played by G, decided to quit the field of battle partway through, discretion being the better part of valour and all that.

That didn’t take as long as it might have done – or has done in the past – so we moved on then to P’s AD&D campaign where we’re all “Saxons”. It’s a world he’s written himself, with approximately Saxon technology and attitudes. I think we haven’t yet got to grips properly with this as the background is very detailed, and we’ve all begged P for a ‘who’s who’ of the participants as it’s hard to keep track of when they’re all called things like Leofgar and Tirweald, Aethelred and Egwin.

Saturday I ran a Call of Cthulhu game. Not my campaign which I’m running for them outwith the Heromeet, but a second one for Heromeet alone. It’s a bought campaign, Fungi From Yuggoth. They didn’t get through as much of it as I’d hoped, but that does mean that I’m prepared for Heromeet CofC for the next two years at least.

Sunday was a bit dull as I couldn’t get into a game. All I did all day was play one round of a board game called Trans Europa, which was loosely about trains. That was enjoyable, but it should be easier to get in on something than it is. Asking about just didn’t work and it doesn’t help that I confuse people and ask the same person several times.

In future, I shall take along a second, probably AD&D, scenario and see if I can't scare up players of my own.

Travel was fine – trains up and back were on time and not to crowded. Pendolinos don’t smell any better, though.

Still looking

I’m still looking for a couple of players for my Call of Cthulhu games that I play at my place. Any takers welcome – must be willing to get to east London.

And now for some photos…click here for photos of Beaumaris castle and a duck )