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Thursday, May 11th, 2017 04:35 pm
Still applying for jobs. Still not getting any. I get the odd interview, but so far none have been successful. I’ve got one interview outstanding since March – they interviewed me in March and I still don’t have the outcome. But then one of my FB friends applied for a Civil Service job last June and started a week ago, so I’m not quite losing hope on that one.

In other news, there is no real other news.

Smokey is very well, full of beans and cat food. She’s currently asleep on the sofa – we had a lovely cuddle this morning, but then I had to get up from my recumbent position and start doing some work on the computer. So she stretched out into my spot, perhaps thinking it would stay warm.

Oh, I know what I’m doing – I bought the AD&D 5e (Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition for those who aren’t geeks) and have been writing a basic scenario so we can see how it runs. In this I’ve been assisted by my friend Patrick who is such a geek he even out-geeks me, and he calculated everything on his character sheet out by hand to ensure that I wasn’t cheating him out of any advantages his character should have.

What between him and me, we managed to spot a bug in the computer program I’m using to roll up characters, which made us both very happy. We’re strange like that.
Thursday, May 11th, 2017 05:41 pm (UTC)
Good luck on the job hunt! I once got a civil service job a full year after I applied for it.

Cats love to try to keep warm spots warm. Sable will immediately go to occupy any chair in my house as soon as it's vacated. Hot weather is on the approach, though, so I think she'll be taking a break from that habit soon.

Oh, and spotting the bug in the computer program? I know I would feel great joy if I'd been able to do something like that. Because I'm strange that way too. :-)