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Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 10:30 pm
I'm on the snopes.com feed, and I look at what's trending there a couple of times a day, whenever I check LJ.

Is there no lie so absurd about Barack Obama that the right won't lap it up and regurgitate it? Today's whopper was that, "I heard that the White House Easter Egg hunt included plastic eggs filled with quotes from the Koran."

Not surprisingly to those of us with a brain cell, this turns out to be untrue - and from a satirical website, no less - but I think I've read accusations of one sort or another against Barack Obama every day for three weeks now. There seems no story so nutsoid that some loons from the Tea Party don't take it at face value and repeat it. You would think after this length of time, they'd learn to check veracity and source before posting onwards, but it seems not.


Meanwhile in Britain, "Anyone could be forgiven for thinking that Westminster has been replaced with a bouncy castle, and our political class with hysterical children. As the long anticipated rise of the SNP looms closer into sight, the Conservative press seems to have wet itself in fear."

That's from here: https://www.opendemocracy.net/ourkingdom/adam-ramsay/newspapers-are-preparing-for-coup-and-labour-is-doing-nothing-to-stop-them

The problem (as they see it) seems to be that the polls show that there may well be another hung parliament (where no party holds an outright majority) after the General Election on May 7, and that the balance of power may well be in the hands of the Scottish National Party (SNP). Further, they are afraid that Labour will be able to form a government in coalition with the SNP, plus other progressives like the Greens.

The reason for this, for those who don't follow UK politics, is that the current 'third party' the Liberal Democrats, are massively unpopular with the voters who blame them for the shit the Conservatives have doled out over the last five years. Polls show them as tanking.

Therefore the Tory (Conservative) papers, largely (but not completely) owned by Rupert Murdoch (curse every cell in his body) are shitting bricks, as are the tax-avoiding businesses and the very wealthy. They really don't want any species of Labour government. (Please let Labour win. Professional troll Katie Hopkins has threatened to leave the country if Labour win. She's less attractive than Piers Morgan.)

Now, I would rather have a Labour government than a Conservative one, that is, if I were forced to choose between only the two parties. I would prefer, though, that the government be formed by the Greens, as they are the nearest to socialists that we have standing (except for the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition, a group of democratic socialists, though even I'm not daft enough to believe that the TUSC stands any chance of getting enough votes even to save its deposits).

From the article, I am very concerned that this will turn out to be the case, "If they [the Conservative newspapers and media] can possibly get away with it, they will find any way they can to declare Cameron the winner, even if it’s going to be almost impossible for him to command a parliamentary majority. In doing so, they will seek to make it impossible for Miliband to govern."

From my experience it has always been harder for a left (OK, Labour are not a left wing party these days, but let's not get hung up on that point, we could be here all night) coalition to govern than for a Tory+ coalition. After all, Cameron has been ruling as a coalition government for the last five years and behaved from the start as if he'd had a landslide majority. He didn't.

Worst would be Tory plus UKIP. Then I'd have to move to Scotland.


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